2 Alternatives of TP-Link Router

It's really one of the tough tasks to find the best router for use, one of the basic things that you must see before buying any router is it distance coverage and also it's speed.have a look at the best router

1) Linksys Velop

  Speed: 117.46 Mbps with the single node for the short distance, for long-range 74 Mbps with two nodes, connectivity: 2 X       Gigabit Ethernet per unit, features a) it setup is based on app b)dual stream c) beamforming. 

           a) It's performance depend on t's position

           b) Complex design

           c) Little bit costly

           d) Having the mesh network

Linksys is good to keep routers simple, it's cost is the little bit more than aforementioned mesh system, it is easily configured in some time, you can get it by using app store also. it just cut the middleman like Wi-fi extenders, just in favor of seamless wireless internet that cover a large area without requiring the user to switch the networks as you move from one place to other. For Another information about the best Routers, You can visit us  Dell Customer Service Number

2) Asus RT-AC88U

speed: 802.11ac, 1000 Mbps, Connectivity: 9 X Gigabit Ethernet, 1 X USB 2.01, Features: a) MU-MIMO b) AsusWRT Software

          a) One of the best speed provider router: having fastest wireless speed

          b) It is quite costly 

          c) It needs some extra hardware to provide high speed

          d) Having comprehensive software like UI

Its name is recognized from its ROG gaming hardware, but the thing you are not aware of it is Asus Router Customer Number has shaken up wireless networking as it is known that it is evidently rigorous from hardy wireless routers. it is outfitted with top of the line 802.11ac spec, while a router is made up of NitroQAM technology, which allows 4K video streaming and also online gaming to go through the same roof.

3) TP-Link Router

Speed: 802.11ac, 800Mbps, Connectivity: 5 X Gigabit Ethernet, Features: VDSL 2 modem

          a) Having excellent performance

          b) Having VDLS second modem

          c) It requires some extra hardware to provide the fastest speed

          d) Quite costly

It is top contenders as compared to another router, its back is complemented by antennas. Plus it's damn fast and it is bettered by the inclusion of a duo of USB ports that are just paired with SATA connector. The VDSL 2 modem is connected to the TP-Link Router, it negates the need to buy it separately. Dynamic QoS makes it to breeze to govern devices to a single home network. for more visit here TP-Link Customer Support